Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Passat B5 Fusebox Location

Blowing a fuse is not an expensive repair but if you don't know how to access your fusebox you can end up spending unnecessary money at a garage to do something that would take seconds to do yourself.  The Passat uses standard sized fuses and are clearly labelled on the accompanying fusecard if you have one, if not don't worry as I have pictures below.

If you blow a fuse but don't have a owners manual you may be left scratching your head looking for the fuse box as VW have integrated it and hidden it very well.  Open the drivers door and at the side of the dash you will notice a plastic cover.  Using either a flat blade screw driver or if you are careful your fingers prise the curved part of the cover and pull forwards.  As well as pictures of the fuse box I have also added some of the fuse location card which obviously won't be present in all cars.  Have a look at the pictures below as they do all the talking.

The fusecard lists the function and position for each fuse and contains information on both sides.  It is located on the inside of the fusebox cover.  Here is the card for your reference.

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  1. very helpfull :)

  2. Thank you so much for the information I have spent 3 day looking for such information and finaly I have found it . thanks again Ray

  3. very very helpful, would of spent for ever looking

  4. Brilliant site, fair play to the creator

  5. The petrol pump icon - is this the fuel pump fuse ?
    I am going to change my fuel filter myself